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2023: Maximizing Our Impact

In 2023, Technanagy amplified its "Tech Talk" presentations, fueling greater growth in Detroit, Michigan, and Texas. "Tech Talks" now reached Novi, Michigan, and Carrollton, Texas, as we aimed to extend our positive influence on senior citizens. To achieve this noble objective, our primary focus resides in attracting dedicated individuals who share a genuine passion for this cause. Together, we strive to maximize our impact and empower senior citizens across these communities.

2022: Technanagy Goes In-Person!

Technanagy successfully transitioned back to in-person support after the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. The return to in-person interactions allowed for a deeper connection between Technanagy's members and the elders they helped. Through monthly "Tech Talks", Technanagy in West Bloomfield, Michigan and Dallas, Texas empowered seniors to navigate smartphones, tablets, computers, and digital platforms.

2021: Helping From A Distance

Screen Shot 2023-06-23 at 5.47.03 PM.png

After Technangy's team developed a wide range of resources to present, we set up virtual presentations with senior groups and organizations like MICS, SLPS Community Center, MAI Family Services, Priya Living, and more. Our goal was to help seniors around the world, struggling to use technology during the Covid-19 quarantine. 

2020: How Can We Help Seniors?

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, the majority of the population relied on technology to communicate with the rest of the world. As a team, we identified this issue, inspired by our own grandparents, and set out to help as many people who didn't know how to access technology. Through online meetings, Technanagy worked with several senior homes to maximize their impact around the world. The first step was creating an organized variety of topics to teach. 



Diane Ware, Dallas Park & Recreation

It was our pleasure to host such knowledgeable youth. I am glad we were able to assist with additional presentation ideas. We look forward to seeing
them in the future. Thanks again for allowing our group to host such a wonderful program.

More Testimonials Coming Soon

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