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Abhi Athreya
Shivam Patel
Dilan Tank

Before Technanagy was founded, two groups striving to attain the same goal were formed: Tech for Senior Citizens and Tech Check. Tech for Senior Citizens was created by high school juniors hoping to give back to their community and solve a problem they had noticed, a struggle to use modern technology in the senior citizen community. Tech Check began as a collective project between four families with members of all ages. Tech Check and Tech for Seniors found each other by a matter of chance and agreed to unify their efforts into one organization - Technanagy™. The founders of Technanagy™ have worked together intensively to build programs to help seniors in our community find joy in technology.

Devan Tank
Anushka Athreya
Milan Gandhi


As Technanagy™ began to achieve its goal in Detroit, Michigan, the organization grew across the United States to help as many senior citizens as possible. 

Below is our Dallas, Texas Chapter and Additional Members of the Technanagy™ team. 

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